How does a country raise a generation of entrepreneurs?

Every now and then we in the Europe enviously talk about the booming economies in Asia or US. We see and identify challenges in our politics and bureaucracy in creating new wealth. Some of the issues are indeed extensive large and truly would require a lot of political will and change management in the cultural mindset. Some of the issues would be faster to implement and the decision makers would have their possibility to leverage something beneficial.

Singapore has about the the size of Finland in terms of population. So does Israel. Needless to say, which one at the moment appears as a slow moving ice berg and which ones are brave and shape their economies. Which one gets comfortable enough only in talking well and which ones get their feet moving.

Following example is nice. Not a massive change, but a concrete step. Please have a look.

How does country raise a new generation of entrepreneurs. in Singapore, the answer to that question is a National University of Singapore (NUS) program that’s actually pretty smart: It sends its brightest away. Students at the national university are assigned to year-long internships at places like Silicon Valley, Stockholm, Tel Aviv and Beijing with companies that employ 10 to 20 people.

Some 200 participants per year in the NUS Overseas Colleges (NOC) program are groomed to become entrepreneurs. To dissuade students from staying in the host regions, the program times the internship to students’ third year. Students need to come home to finish their final year to graduate.

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