2014 Healthcare highlights

2014 Healthcare Funding

2014 has been a very busy year for many. Based on the reports from CB Insights (2015) there were:

» 908 exits disclosed, valuation $109.5B
– 775 healthcare M&A transactions and 133 IPOs
– Medical Facilities & Services led the list, for healthcare M&A and IPOs
– 40% of VC-backed exits came after Series B or Series C financing
»73% of all healthcare exits were under $300M
»167 VC backed exits, valuation $34.8B
–IPOs vs. M&As – 84 vs. 83 
Also based on the StartUp Healt Insight statistics and reports overall funding more the doubled from the last year with $6,5 B invested compared to $2,9 B in 2013. Notice that each quarter attracted more that the year 2010 in total. The top 5 most attractive sub sectors of 2014 were: big data, population health, navigation solutions in the healthcare systems, diagnostics and consumer health solutions.
Average deal size for the early stage companies was $4,6 M and for the mid stage companies (Series B and C) was $12,3 M. Deal sizes vary a lot, but digital health continues to signs of growth.

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