Ecosystem play

By the definition business ecosystem is an economic community supported by a foundation of interacting organizations and individuals—the organisms of the business world. The economic community produces goods and services of value to customers, who are themselves members of the ecosystem. The member organisms also include suppliers, lead producers, competitors, and other stakeholders. Over time, they coevolve their capabilities and roles, and tend to align themselves with the directions set by one or more central companies.

Ecosystems need active and business driven facilitators. This week I was very happy to see how this work in practice.  Life Science is such an important business area in Switzerland, and the incubation work continues. Good momentum and lots of active members in this community facilitated by i-net:

The mission of i-net innovation networks switzerland is to promote innovation in Northwestern Switzerland. With around 60 events per year i-net addresses a network of around 7000 people – from start-ups to global companies. Excellent work I need to say and happy to be part of this network.


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