Mawell history

Mawell Oy was founded in 2001 in Oulu, Finland, by Kimmo Alaniska, Petri Morko, Veli-Matti Qvintus, and Tero Silvola, who would also become Mawell’s first CEO. With the rising demand for solutions and innovations in the area, the founders’ first ambition was to become a company that provides software to the healthcare sector. 

During Mawell’s first years, the company turned solely to the Finnish market and worked tightly with the clients, focusing on e-service development. In order to break into the market, Mawell’s employees often worked with projects that were designed based on the customers’ needs. In 2003, after having created a name for themselves on the Finnish market, Mawell made its first acquisition; MediMaker. Through this acquisition, Mawell entered into a new market: IT solutions for medical imaging.

The next step in Mawell’s expansion came in 2005, when an opportunity to enter the Finnish market for healthcare counseling arose. Healthcare counseling could be combined with and supported by Mawell’s e-services. This year, Mawell acquires the company Invespo, which would become Mawell Care, today with over 120 employees. Invespo becomes Mawell Oy’s first subsidiary and gets the name Mawell Care Oy.

Mawell enters Sweden and other Nordic Countries

2007 was an eventful year for Mawell. The company enters Sweden for the first time by merging with the Swedish company eCare, which becomes Mawell Svenska AB. The goal was to expand further in medical imaging and establish a presence on the markets of radiological integration and information access. During this period, Mawell seeks venture capital, allowing for further growth through acquisitions, geographical reach, and product development. Therefore, in September 2007, CapMan steps in as investor and majority owner of Mawell Oy.

In the fall of 2007, Mawell begin discussions with Brainpool, an interesting and growing firm with IT experts, in order to gain the firm’s expertise within informatics, IT architecture, and development of IT solutions for healthcare. An agreement is made and Brainpool’s employees move in to Mawell’s Swedish headquarters in Solna, along with former eCare’s staff who until then had their offices in Kista. Brainpool becomes Mawell Scandinavia AB.

“In 2007, Brainpool sought to continue developing the firm with a focus on IT solutions for healthcare in a larger scale and improving market presence, concept, services, and products. In February 2008, Brainpool became the foundation of what would develop further and become Mawell Consulting and Mawell Managed Services”, says Marcus Claus, co-founder and CEO of Brainpool 2008.

In 2009, Mawell Care got the opportunity to establish a presence in Sweden when Uppsala County Council decided to outsource their healthcare counseling, 1177. Thus, a new Mawell office was opened in Uppsala.

Today Mawell is one the most innovative eHealth providers in North Europe.

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