Digital Health in Europe: Investment Insights from Across the Pond

November 5, 2014 – By Camille Danielich

Led by Health 2.0 Chairman Matthew Holt, the Nov 3 webinar, EU vs US, Investments in Digital Health; highlighted important differences between health care markets in Europe and the United States, and elements that attract international investors. Panelists Lisa Suennen (Venture Valkyrie), Rosemary Cunningham-Thomas (Artemis Healthcare Ventures), Charles Stacey (Inventages), and Klaus Stockemann (Peppermint Ventures), shared their insights on the current climate of European digital health investment.

The consensus was that health IT market investments are increasing, but difficult to quantify because of the blurring of subcategories, such as pharmaceuticals, wearables, and other devices. The panel agreed that a lack of widespread EU digital health adoption has provided somewhat of a barrier to significant European investment. While Klaus conveyed widespread German unenthusiasm, Rosemary noted that success in the UK was bolstered by company activity and innovation at “pressure points”- such as diabetes management and psychological and mental health services- where the need for digital health solutions is great.

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